Find a pet-friendly apartment.

Finding a dog- or cat-friendly apartment is the first step in your moving process. When you find the perfect apartment but discover they don’t allow pets, it may be tempting to move in with your pet despite the rules. Some tenants try to hide their pets from their landlord, but it’s not a risk worth taking. You could face a heavy fee or even eviction for violating the property’s policies. Instead, you should do the research to find an apartment with a pet-friendly policy in their lease agreement.

Get a letter of recommendation from your previous landlord.

If your pet is commonly restricted from apartments due to breed or size, a positive letter of recommendation from your previous landlord can help. Ask them to state that your pet was well behaved and that no damages were incurred on the property. Christina shared her success story using this technique when the new apartment she wanted to move into wouldn’t allow her to bring her beloved cat.

Make sure the living space is right for your pet.

The size of your apartment could have a big impact on your pet’s happiness. The living space should be big enough and appropriate for your pet. If the inside of the apartment is small, make sure there’s an outdoor area where you can take your pet regularly to run and get the exercise they need. Scratching posts and towers can also make small apartments more accommodating for cats. You can get more tips specifically for dogs in small apartments on the Apartment Guide Blog.

Pack strategically to avoid stressing out your pet.

Pets can go into a panic when you start to pack. The sudden change in their environment can set them on edge. So, start packing gradually in the weeks leading up to moving day. It can also help to keep their bed, favorite toys, and comforting items out in a place where they can retreat to feel safe while you pack.

Cat Under Blankets

Pack a separate bag for your pet. You’ll want to include food, medications, treats, toys, water, and any other supplies your pet might need during the drive. If you’re driving a long distance with your dog, you should bring a leash and doggie bags for restroom breaks. Cats can go up to eight hours without a litter box. If your drive is longer, you’ll want to bring a travel litter box with you.

Have the appropriate documentation for your pet.

Keep a file of your pet’s shot and health records on hand, and make a copy to present to your landlord. Ensuring that your pet has been registered with your landlord will make move-in day less stressful. Handling all the paperwork and pet fees prior to move-in day will give you one less thing to think about.

Keep your pet on the same routine and make their environment as familiar as possible.

When you get to your new apartment, keep your pet on the same schedule. You should keep feeding and play times the same, if possible. Unpack your pet’s toys and supplies early on since these items will be familiar to your pet and help reduce their anxiety.  

Get renter’s insurance to cover damages your pet might cause.

While the best way to prevent damages in your apartment is to have a well-trained pet, it’s wise to be prepared for accidents. Your landlord may require you to have renter’s insurance as part of the lease. If it’s not required, it’s always recommended. Having renter’s insurance could cover the cost of damages that are not covered by your damage deposit.

By using these tips, you can prevent more pets from ending up in shelters. Moving is one of the top reasons listed for leaving pets at a shelter. These tips and a few more are displayed in this infographic from Taylor’s Relocations. Use it as a reference during your move.


Stress-free moving with pets – An infographic with tips for moving to a new home with pets and minimising anxiety


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